2006 - Emile Woolf writes

Principled taxation? No – it is not a contradiction in terms

Governments claim to base economic policies on principle, yet results often betray muddled guesswork. Principles have been established for centuries. It is senseless to impose a tax that renders a marginal business unviable – the yield from that business would be zero. Similarly, since tax rates of 0% or 100% yield no revenue it is […]

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Are the numbers verifiable? Two transatlantic papers question the fair value excursion.

My August 2006 article on the IFRS convergence fiasco generated emails indicating that mine is not a lone voice in questioning the direction that financial reporting standards are taking.  I am prompted to revisit the topic from a transatlantic perspective after reading recent papers by Ross L Watts of Sloan School, MIT, and Roy Ball […]

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