February 2014 - Emile Woolf writes

Sloppy auditing has its consequences – just look around you

My repeated warnings to auditors that compliance with IFRS does not guarantee accounting truth and fairness appear to have struck a resounding chord in high places: the House of Lords, to be precise, where the Parliamentary Commission on Banking Standards debated the Bill on banking reform, now enacted by Royal Assent. In Hansard for 23 […]

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Lord Lawson quotes article by Emile Woolf in House of Lords

Lord Lawson [Speaking in House of Lords on 23 October 2013, and reported in Hansard] “The difficulties with IFRS are huge. Noble Lords may have seen the interesting article in the Accountant by Emile Woolf—one of the best known chartered accountants—who writes from time to time. I commend the whole article: noble Lords might find it beneficial, […]

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Correspondence with Patrick Baron on the role of money & wealth transfers

From Pat Baron: “Emile, Even Germany is not immune to the predations of the euro.  I keep pointing out that German exporters benefit from euro credit expansion, but at the expense of all other Germans.  This is one reason that Germany is reluctant to put an end to the euro mess…the exporters and their constituents, workers, […]

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