June 2014 - Emile Woolf writes

Housing crisis – Letter to The Times 21st May 2014

Sir, Ed Conway’s historical analysis of the causes of the housing crisis (May 21) focuses comprehensively on factors affecting supply and demand. He does not, however, address the equally critical factor concerning the currency unit in which property prices are measured. It is obvious that sustained currency debasement over a given period will cause nominal […]

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Questions from Alex Woolf, renowned novelist, and reply from Emile Woolf

Questions on Emile’s July 2014 article: Original article Banks provide an essential service to the economy so is there a way of maintaining that function, while not designating them ‘too big to fail’? How has QE affected the inflation rate if the extra money is being kept by banks and not being spent in shops? […]

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If management breaks the law, don’t penalise the shareholders

Most penalties for financial wrongdoing are levied on institutions rather than the inventive executives who master-mind these grubby manoeuvres. Regulatory authorities themselves do not benefit from the fines they collect, now amounting to serious money – over £500 million in this year alone. Apart from relatively modest retentions to cover regulators’ costs, the money is […]

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