July 2015 - Emile Woolf writes

My take on the Greek drama

Letter to a professional colleague and friend: Dear Richard, You may already have read the piece below, taken from the “Accountancy Live” website, but it sets out some relevant observations which I hope you will read, and which please feel free to pass to others. You ask for my take on it. I don’t have […]

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Correspondence with former student

Hi Richard You are right – I don’t write the articles for the paltry sum that they pay. I write them because that is the only way to sort out my own thinking on these tricky subjects. I learnt that from the late, great, Geoffrey Holmes, editor of Accountancy. Whenever he and I wrestled with […]

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Audit standards under scrutiny The Financial Reporting Council’s Audit Quality Inspection unit reports repeatedly of lapsed standards in each of the largest firms. Recent conclusions refer to “misleading references in tender documents”; “breaches of ethical standards”; “lack of oversight”; “need to improve audit procedures”, and the like. The size of global corporations expands exponentially, while […]

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