“If there is a total lack of any ethic or set of principles to guide people’s behaviour, is it any wonder that the basic human instinct of greed predominates ?

“How long can a culture survive without any values beyond those of getting richer and having more possessions ?

“Is it surprising that many ordinary people who feel that those with the power and the money don’t care about them and their needs are starting to rebel against ‘the system’ – like many of those who voted for Brexit, or who voted ‘No’ in the Italian referendum, to say nothing of those who responded to the anti-establishment message of Trump , although he epitomises the power of acquired wealth.

“History is full of examples of cultures that reached a zenith, collapsed and disappeared, from the ancient Sumerians to the Roman Empire, from the Ancient Egyptians to the Incas. How long for ours ?

“I do hope that sometime, somewhere enough influential people will read your trenchant analyses, stop and reflect and then find the courage and determination to say ‘Enough is Enough’ – to survive and rebuild our societies we must , like Hercules cleaning out the Augean stables, clear out the muck and make a clean new start.”