May 2017 - Emile Woolf writes

“Genuinely Terrible Economic Idea”

With apologies for taking the risk of upsetting LOTS of people…………. [Picking up Matthew Lynne’s lead today] This election campaign excels in spawning candidates – no, not for elected office, but for a prize in the Competition for advocating the worst GTEI (Genuinely Terrible Economic Idea). The Green party has just come up with its […]

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Economic Perspectives 15 – “Demand stimulus unmasked”

There is nothing intrinsically wrong with being “contrarian” when dispelling a myth – especially one which conventional wisdom believes to be true. On 30th March 1981, for example, 364 academic economists famously sent a round-robin letter to The Times, roundly condemning the budget that Margaret Thatcher and her Chancellor, Geoffrey Howe, had just delivered. They […]

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