November 2017 - Emile Woolf writes

Emile’s review of Godfrey Bloom’s book “The Magic of Banking”

Customer Review 5.0 out of 5 stars A salutary insight into the fallibility of economic thinking at every level. By Emile Woolf  on 4 September 2017   Format: Paperback Godfrey Bloom delivers an apocalyptic message on the consequences of misguided economics in an age of unreason. It carries little ‘good’ news, and its explanation of the ‘bad’ […]

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ECONOMIC PERSPECTIVES – 24 [Early-November 2017] PROTECTIONISM IS SIMPLY “PATRONAGE” IN A MODERN GUISE Protectionist policies are by no means confined to trade deals. Yet, in every one of their guises they appeal for popular support from local commercial interests, pleading fairness, justice and equity to justify their anti-competitive political demands. Rational economic principles take […]

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Economic Perspectives – 23

ECONOMIC PERSPECTIVES – 23 [late-October, 2017] Just a few pointers previously raised that bear some emphasis, even repetition: (1) The UK Government is writhing in the furnace of its own afflictions by persisting with the notion of “negotiations” in the Brexit context. This obsession is, of course, utterly misplaced because free trade does not require […]

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