January 2018 - Emile Woolf writes

ECONOMIC PERSPECTIVES – 27: “The EU unvarnished”

  EUROPEAN UNION – UNVARNISHED Prelude on terminology Uncertainty surrounding the outcome of Brexit has caused the British pound to be devalued against the main international currencies. British importers must therefore pay more pounds to buy the foreign currency required to pay for their imports of finished goods and components. Higher prices, in effect. But […]

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The FRC’s penal sanctions regime fails to raise standards

“ACCOUNTANCY” – FEBRUARY 2018 PENAL SANCTIONS REGIME THAT DOES NOT RAISE STANDARDS The main objectives of the Financial Reporting Council’s sanctions policy are to improve audit performance, protect the public from sub-standard work, maintain market confidence and uphold proper auditing standards. The policy emphasizes, however, that its purpose is not to punish, but to protect […]

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