November 2018 - Emile Woolf writes

“What Government can – and cannot – do” [EP 43]

EMILE WOOLF – GOING POSTAL [19-11-2018 – EP43] “DEBUNKING ECONOMIC MYTHOLOGY – PART 6” “WHAT GOVERNMENT CAN – AND CANNOT – DO” Whenever confronting a puzzling situation, it’s worth asking how it came about. When doing this I usually find it helpful to write about it and, given my personal orientation, my way through the […]

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The fallacy of job creation

DEBUNKING ECONOMIC MYTHOLOGY – PART 4 My colleague Steven Spencer has reminded me of an anecdote relayed by the owner of a brand new Corvette sports car. A bystander speculated: “I wonder how many people could have been fed with the money that sports car cost?” The owner replied: “ I really don’t know the answer to […]

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Correspondence on affordable housing policy with son-in-law, Steven Maddocks

On 30 Oct 2018, at 14:33, Steven Maddocks wrote: Dear Emile An enjoyable read, thanks! Very clearly argued and easy to follow – especially when familiar themes (QE, income tax, VAT) emerge! Two questions: I’m not clear how a land-value tax would fix the problem of buy-to-leave. Aren’t absentee owners of empty properties still liable […]

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