2019 - Emile Woolf writes

International trade; imports/exports; securing borders; free trade; why is Britain first to leave EU?

[Economic Perspectives – 49] BACK TO BASICS – AND THANKS FOR ALL THE FEEDBACK Last week’s economics essay [EP 48] posted on the “Going Postal” platform generated almost 4,000 comments. The following four responses represent views expressed by many, and prompted me to expand on their subject matter this week. As follows: 1 – Understanding […]

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How to unravel economic complexity – the simple citizen’s guide – EP48

Economic Perspectives 48 GOING POSTAL – 28 JANUARY 2019 How to unravel economic complexity – the simple citizen’s guide Here’s a clue: if there are things that you, as a rational citizen, would never choose to do, it’s almost certain that government should stay clear of them too. But governments rarely act rationally, and the […]

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‘DEBUNKING ECONOMIC MYTHOLOGY – PART 6’ [ECONOMIC PERSPECTIVES 47] EXPOSING THE “NO DEAL” MYTHOLOGY Emile Woolf – December 2018 ____________________________________________________________________________ The myth that a “no deal” Brexit will bring catastrophe to the UK is at last being shown up for the fiction that it truly is. “Remain” stalwarts are not giving up easily, however, and […]

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