February 2019 - Emile Woolf writes


“GOING POSTAL” 25-2-19         [ECONOMIC PERSPECTIVES no. 50: EMILE WOOLF] ECONOMIC DISTORTION, COURTESY OF YOUR CENTRAL BANK Governments rarely set out to take responsibility for every single issue, but that usually happens anyway. As a result there is a growing expectation by citizens that, whatever the problem, it is the government’s job to sort it out […]

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International trade; imports/exports; securing borders; free trade; why is Britain first to leave EU?

[Economic Perspectives – 49] BACK TO BASICS – AND THANKS FOR ALL THE FEEDBACK Last week’s economics essay [EP 48] posted on the “Going Postal” platform generated almost 4,000 comments. The following four responses represent views expressed by many, and prompted me to expand on their subject matter this week. As follows: 1 – Understanding […]

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