January 2020 - Emile Woolf writes


ECONOMIC PERSPECTIVES – 71 Testing the Socialist hypothesis GOING POSTAL – EMILE WOOLF – JANUARY 2020 Kristian Niemitz, Head of Political Economy at the IEA, wrote a book last year in which he explores the reasons why the idea of socialism persists as a viable economic system. In “Socialism: the Failed Idea that Never Dies” […]

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Dear Ronald Please feel free to submit this. You can give my name as author if you wish. Site value taxation This is a tax on land values, based on the value of the land alone – not on buildings or other improvements. Under this system development is encouraged because it has absolutely no effect […]

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The UK general election 12/12/19

  TODAY’S ELECTION – WHAT IT’S REALLY ABOUT Emile Woolf The looming election appears patently divisive. But it isn’t the election itself that’s doing it. The division arises from the starkness of choice confronting the nation. The very word “di-vision” almost evokes a condition of “split vision”. It could, for example, mean that the political […]

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