2021 - Emile Woolf writes

Post-Covid Conjectures

Economic Perspectives – 94 POST-COVID CONJECTURES – FEBRUARY 2021 EMILE WOOLF While speculation is rife about what the post-Covid economy will look like, we must remember that economic fundamentals are not susceptible to alteration. They may adapt to changed circumstances, but no external modifications in society can affect the laws and principles themselves – for […]

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Layman’s guide to the coming currency collapse – January 2021

THE ECONOMIC CHASM CONFRONTING US – A LAYMAN’S ASSESSMENT The huge economic harm caused by Covid-19 is seen and experienced clearly and directly on a daily basis. Less obvious is the damage wrought in every welfare-driven democracy whose government finds itself in the dual-role of protector and saviour. Today expectation and dependency are the norm, […]

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