"Excellent, Emile. Scathingly accurate. The banks' increased capital levels will be written off in the next financial bust."[Pat Barron, Professor of Austrian Economics, University of Iowa]

"Enjoy reading it? I did, I did!!" [Steven Spencer, Spencer Associates, Commodities Consultant]

"Quite. And why should the banks worry about risky lending? They now know that when things go pear-shaped they will always be bailed out by Government - with our money!  It amounted to £20,000 for every man woman and child in the UK last time round!"  [ Ian Francis, Commissioning Editor, Earth & Environmental Sciences]

"Emile, as usual, you are 'right on the button'. The automotive world, in which I have a specific interest, is definitely the next 'sub prime' bust that will arrive. When was the last time that you saw a car advertisement showing the actual list price of the vehicle? £30,000 or £40,000 or even £50,000, or more, looks like a lot of money to the average buyer - but £299 per month does not. The whole industry is heading for a cliff edge before very long." [James Luckes, Chairman, Languedoc Gentlemen's Economics Forum]

" Insightful and, I fear, you are spot on in your analysis"  [Sid Bright, Chartered Accountant]


Actually, the memory of 10 years ago is being completely suppressed in the U.S. as any controls of the banks (read Dodd Frank) and other lenders are being eliminated in the rush to expand lending and otherwise giving them carte blanch to make deals.

Nice piece.

[Donald R Dann, Leading Conservationist - 15-8-17]


Dear Emile

What a fantastic CV!! I will only repeat what I have often said to you – what a pity no one here listens to you.

Thank you for sending it to me

15 - 8 - 17 - Don Bailey OBE


"Dear Emile

The answer is “no”. I didn’t enjoy reading it as it spells gloom and disaster. When will the EU stop quantitative easing? Every time I pass a car dealership and see the millions of pounds stuck on the forecourts I ask myself “who is ever going to buy this lot!!"

15 - 8 - 17


"Marvellous, dear Emile. Thank you ever so much for this wonderful brief chronology!"

Richard Elias, Hyperion Insurance Group


"This is brilliant! I don't know much about the intricacies of economics but it all makes a lot of sense!" [Joanna Lapage-Brown, 15-8-17]

"Worth reading? It should be broadcast hourly on BBC!" [Steven Spencer]
Truly excellent Emile. Thanks for sending. Best Alasdair [Alasdair MacLeod]
"This is wonderful. Your witty, cutting writing skills make a great read!" [Joanna Lapage-Brown]
Comment on French Regulatory Farce - Economic Perspectives 17: "At some state parks along the Delaware shore it is illegal to fly a kite. It's also illegal to have an enclosed beach shelter. The tyranny never ends; it only expands everywhere." [PROFESSOR PAT BARRON]
What an excellent article, Emile. Succinct and combative as ever. [Richard Elias]
Very insightful, as always. [Prem Sikka, Emeritus Professor of Accounting, University of Essex, UK]
"Another excellent article which certainly won't gain you popularity with the big 4. We ( Howden ) were told by one of them that they are expecting their cyber consulting income to exceed their audit income with a relatively short time." [Richard Elias - Insurance Expert] "It all seems so obvious. What a strange world we live in." [Godfrey Bloom - Finance Grandee and former MEP] "Excellent, Emile. Eliminate limited liability and prohibit audit firms from any other service." [Patrick Barron - Austrian Economist]
I thoroughly enjoyed your latest missive - why, Oh why are people like yourself not listened to by those in power - or better still why are you yourself not leading us away from the brink ? My personal concern at the moment ( as a close follower of motor industry events) is the potential for another 'sub-prime' type of event when someone realises that practically every vehicle that is sold today is sold on one type or another of finance plan - a Jaguar for 300 pounds a month ,certainly sir what colour would you like ! It will end in tears for sure and the ( already over producing ) motor industry will be sorely challenged . (James Luckes, Chairman of Languedoc Gentlemen's Luncheon Club)
"Your piece is entertaining as ever and food for thought" - (Sid Bright, partner in accounting firm) "If the effects of all this nonsensical gobbledygook were not so serious it would almost be amusing. But it isn't amusing. Keep it up, dear Emile. Keep it up!" (Richard Elias, Insurance Expert)
"Excellent, Emile. You hit the nail on the head!" [Professor Patrick Barron's comment on May 2017 article in "Accountancy"]
"This is the clearest explanation I’ve yet read of disguised inflation, and the distorting effects of suppression of interest rates. These are worrying developments that don’t seem to be covered by the mainstream media, who blandly report low inflation and interest rates without questioning these figures or even understanding the manipulations that give rise to them." (Alex Woolf, distinguished author, commenting on Economic Perspectives 11)
"Excellent article Emile, you made my day" - on "Accounting clarity or clutter"? [Eric Fady, Finance Director, First Names plc]
“Just to say loved the article – excellent” [Sara White - Editor of "Accountancy" Magazine]
“Great piece on the bank crisis.” [Robert Busuulwa, Partner in Accounting Practice, Kampala]
Robert Busuulwa