From 1989 to 1992 Emile was a member of the Auditing Practices Committee (APC) of the CCAB and was invited to act as APC’s observer on the Accounting Standards Committee (ASC).

In 1986 Emile was invited to join the Practice Insurance Requirements Committee of ICAEW, and in 1989 he became its Chairman, a post he held until 2004. The Committee’s main work was to:

  • select a panel of insurers agreeable to write indemnity policies that conform with the minimum wordings (see below);
  • agree on the minimum amount of professional indemnity insurance cover to be held by every firm of practising accountants and auditors, irrespective of size;
  • determine the level of self-insured excess permitted for each size of firm;
  • agree on the “minimum policy wordings” acceptable to ICAEW to safeguard the public interest; and
  • to review the operation of the “Assigned Risks Pool” (ARP) into which any firm would be consigned should it fail to secure cover in the market in the normal way.

The Committee met regularly with the Joint Panel of Indemnity Insurers to review the progress of firms in the ARP. Emile was its Chairman.