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“Transparency”? “Accountability”? Not in Westminster or Brussels

Every sizeable organisation puts procedures in place for ensuring that outlays of large sums are given prior authorization and that expense claims are supported by original receipts to show that the expenditure was validly incurred. If such procedures are ineffectively monitored they are open to abuse. Indeed, many of the forensic assignments I have been […]

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Disclosure of auditors’ papers: more misconceived EU regulation

The EU has been at it again. Its Statutory Audit Directive requires auditors ceasing to hold office to give their successors access to all “relevant information” if the successors request it. This misguided dictum is being introduced as an amendment to our Companies Act 2006 and a new Audit Regulation is being drafted. “Relevant information” […]

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The European Commission must be called to account

The subject of Europe polarises any otherwise rational debate.  Obsessional prejudice, whether pro or con, induces deafness and drives out reason.   More inflammatory even than party politics (where spin and expediency have blunted the ideals), passions over Europe (the Union, not the continent) have taken on the trappings of a belief system, susceptible to […]

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