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New face of banking regulation – and about time!

Regulation of the UK financial services industry is now entrusted to a new body with a new name and a new boss. Andrew Bailey, whose signature appears on your banknotes, takes over this month as chief executive of the Prudential Regulation Authority, successor to the FSA. Initial impressions augur well. In his first post-appointment interview […]

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Audit Scope: common sense beats rules, every time

The argument about auditors’ contribution to the 2008 debt crisis is still unresolved, and it will remain so until the central question of audit scope is addressed. The traditional perception that auditing has an historic focus merely entrenches its uselessness in the face of a radically altered commercial environment and risk levels that demand a […]

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Where have all the losses gone? There are no corresponding gains!

I have always assumed that gains and losses balance out in the big picture, assuming the lapse of sufficient time.  If I sell an investment for less than I paid I incur a quantifiable loss.  This does not mean that whoever buys it will make a profit since he too may sell for less than […]

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