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‘DEBUNKING ECONOMIC MYTHOLOGY – PART 6’ [ECONOMIC PERSPECTIVES 47] EXPOSING THE “NO DEAL” MYTHOLOGY Emile Woolf – December 2018 ____________________________________________________________________________ The myth that a “no deal” Brexit will bring catastrophe to the UK is at last being shown up for the fiction that it truly is. “Remain” stalwarts are not giving up easily, however, and […]

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The public scandal of parliamentary expenses – here and in Brussels

The sheer inanity of the rules on parliamentary expenses guaranteed they would be open to misinterpretation and abuse. The incomprehensibility of ad hoc, uncodified rules that confuse “reimbursable expenses” with “allowances” has led to a pot-pourri of reactions, devoid of sense or judgment, in which extravagance, genuine error, sly acquisitiveness and fraud are jumbled in […]

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“Transparency”? “Accountability”? Not in Westminster or Brussels

Every sizeable organisation puts procedures in place for ensuring that outlays of large sums are given prior authorization and that expense claims are supported by original receipts to show that the expenditure was validly incurred. If such procedures are ineffectively monitored they are open to abuse. Indeed, many of the forensic assignments I have been […]

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