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FRAUD: SAME STORY, BIGGER NUMBERS – Enron remembered as Wirecard

  Although I have forgotten most of my own auditing experiences, a few still stand out. A client company that was in business as a confectionary retailer sold cakes over the counter, either whole or in weighed-out portions. The principal internal control was reconciling the weight of cakes leaving the bakery with the weight of […]

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“ACCOUNTANCYDAILY” [ONLINE] OCTOBER 2019 – EMILE WOOLF  PROPER AUDITS – STILL TOO DISTANT While recently rummaging through some old papers I spotted the transcript of a lecture I gave in 2003 called “How can audits be made effective?” I was intrigued, but not surprised, to note that the subject matter of that lecture nearly 17 […]

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Never too big to jail!

The easy option is rarely the right one No one knows what would actually happen if any of the “too big to fail” banking and investment giants were actually allowed to do just that. The untested perception is that a destructive contagion would spread beyond the immediate circle of investors and depositors to engulf the […]

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