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The fallacy of job creation

DEBUNKING ECONOMIC MYTHOLOGY – PART 4 My colleague Steven Spencer has reminded me of an anecdote relayed by the owner of a brand new Corvette sports car. A bystander speculated: “I wonder how many people could have been fed with the money that sports car cost?” The owner replied: “ I really don’t know the answer to […]

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Paying for infrastructure – learning from others

The economics of infrastructure funding is a fascinating subject, particularly when we observe how it varies from one country to another. How to select projects from the dozens that compete for public favour? By what criteria are they deemed worthwhile and prioritized? And, most critically, how are those selected to be financed? On my travels […]

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Cutting public sector waste: there is no choice

During several matches leading to the almighty centre-court battle that climaxed this year’s Wimbledon I reflected on how the game has altered over the 50 years I have been watching it. I recall days of serve-and-volley, preceding Borg’s dogged baseline perseverance that exasperated more excitable opponents. I remember the exquisite yet deadly net play of […]

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