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The fallacy of job creation

DEBUNKING ECONOMIC MYTHOLOGY – PART 4 My colleague Steven Spencer has reminded me of an anecdote relayed by the owner of a brand new Corvette sports car. A bystander speculated: “I wonder how many people could have been fed with the money that sports car cost?” The owner replied: “ I really don’t know the answer to […]

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Currency debasement and public waste: partners in crime

There is nothing intrinsic to gold that explains its seemingly unstoppable rise in price. It is certainly beautiful, even transporting in strong light, and primitive races worshipped it as an earthly reflection of the higher worlds. But as an investment it is strictly in the non-performing class, until you sell it. Monetary assets always seek […]

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Axing the quangos and reforming the tax structure – both are needed

The proliferation of quangos under the previous administration contributed hugely to the deficit that has all but crippled public finances in the UK. Funded out of taxes, they were launched without reference to any democratic process, often in the wake of pointless Whitehall requirements or EU directives. The rash of self-important job creation that gripped […]

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