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Post-Covid Conjectures

Economic Perspectives – 94 POST-COVID CONJECTURES – FEBRUARY 2021 EMILE WOOLF While speculation is rife about what the post-Covid economy will look like, we must remember that economic fundamentals are not susceptible to alteration. They may adapt to changed circumstances, but no external modifications in society can affect the laws and principles themselves – for […]

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Economic Perspectives 3: Interest Rate Suppression

The importance of interest rates I have written many times of the persistent but forlorn attempts by central bankers to “stimulate” growth in their countries’ flagging economies by applying the twin practices of quantitative easing (QE) and lowering interest rates. It has been clear for years that these policies simply do not work. The only […]

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Economic law prevails: why the Euro has to fail

“Eurovision” is more than a song contest. The term also captures the aspirations of a coterie of politicians determined to complete the transformation of common market principles into their grand vision: United States of Europe. Promoting harmony on a continent with a war-torn history is laudable, but it does not demand an irreversible commitment to […]

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