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“Funny-money” and the Cantillon Effect

THOUGHTS ON “LEGAL TENDER” AND GAMES OF PRETENCE Economic Perspectives 54 – April 2019 Few people understand the purpose of so-called “legal tender”. It is widely believed that the government’s legal tender laws protect citizens’ money by formally designating it as the official medium for the settlement of transactions. The Latin root is “tendere”, to […]

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Loan book valuations – accounting standards’ greatest challenge

  The Parliamentary Commission on Banking Standards recommended that the “expected loss “ model should replace the existing  “incurred loss” model in IFRS – in other words, that the concept of “prudence” should be reinstated in the accounting framework. In support, the European Parliament has instructed the European Central Bank to undertake stress tests on […]

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Over-taxed & over-regulated – that’s the reality, whatever they say

Few would disagree that UK business is both overtaxed and over-regulated.  Those at the sharp end know this, despite all the efforts of official statisticians and bureaucrats to tell us otherwise. The Treasury would have it that Britain is becoming more competitive and overtaking rival economies, whereas the CBI argues that higher taxes and obsessive […]

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