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“What Government can – and cannot – do” [EP 43]

EMILE WOOLF – GOING POSTAL [19-11-2018 – EP43] “DEBUNKING ECONOMIC MYTHOLOGY – PART 6” “WHAT GOVERNMENT CAN – AND CANNOT – DO” Whenever confronting a puzzling situation, it’s worth asking how it came about. When doing this I usually find it helpful to write about it and, given my personal orientation, my way through the […]

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Economic Perspectives 2 – Perverse Labour Laws

Blindness of French labour laws When I was recently on holiday in the South of France the socialist government of Francois Hollande was obliged to take the unusual step of by-passing democratic means of getting his labour reform measures into law. He resorted to the rarely invoked “executive power”, to force through changes in labour […]

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Is the single currency doomed? The problems were there from the start

These days we are all committed to sacrifice, whether attributable to tax increases, reduced public services or declining incomes. This sacrificial thread affects government too, although in a different way. Coalition, by definition, requires the combining parties to sacrifice, or place on the back burner, many of the policies for which they hoped the election […]

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