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“Funny-money” and the Cantillon Effect

THOUGHTS ON “LEGAL TENDER” AND GAMES OF PRETENCE Economic Perspectives 54 – April 2019 Few people understand the purpose of so-called “legal tender”. It is widely believed that the government’s legal tender laws protect citizens’ money by formally designating it as the official medium for the settlement of transactions. The Latin root is “tendere”, to […]

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Human rights and government action [GP 17-12-18 & EP 46]

  HUMAN RIGHTS & GOVERNMENT ACTION In many of these essays on economics I have been at pains to point out that the prosperity of any community, anywhere, anytime, if it is to last, must be based on observance of the guiding principles of free people; free trade; sound money; and small government. Colleagues sometimes […]

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Prudence returns to accounting, but not to the economy

  International accounting standard-setters have at last recognised the error of their ways and relented on the question of prudence, which they plan to re-instate as a fundamental accounting principle. Bank auditors will have to form an independent view on loan recoverability, rather than rely on the potentially biased judgements of management. A regime that […]

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