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High taxation will always stifle growth

We crave stability as much as we abhor uncertainty but, on every front, inbuilt contradictions render conventional solutions to economic problems unsustainable. They need to be jettisoned. You can’t kick the proverbial can further down the road when the road is a cul-de-sac. public sector superstructure that, despite all talk of cuts, is still bloated. […]

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Sustainable recovery: reform the taxes – or miss the opportunity

‘’No wind is fair to a man who does not know for which port he is making’’ (Seneca, AD1 to 65). Assuming this is valid for governments too, is the coalition rudderless? The deficit is being brought under control; “public servants’’ are being reminded what that phrase means; quangos are being ditched; and the process […]

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Axing the quangos and reforming the tax structure – both are needed

The proliferation of quangos under the previous administration contributed hugely to the deficit that has all but crippled public finances in the UK. Funded out of taxes, they were launched without reference to any democratic process, often in the wake of pointless Whitehall requirements or EU directives. The rash of self-important job creation that gripped […]

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